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How To Obtain A Healthy Mouth

If your mouth isn't healthy, there's a chance your body may not be as well.  In order to keep a healthy mouth and body you must take charge of your dental health, not only in the office, but at home!  Being the owner of your mouth, you are in charge, and there is a lot you can do to keep it healthy.  

In this category, we will give you some tips on how to have and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.  Always remember, your dentist is your partner in keeping up the excellence of your oral health.  So feel free to contact us with any additional concerns or questions that you may have.
Your tooth may look and feel solid but it is a living thing with many layers.  The enamel is the hardest layer of the tooth which protects a soft inner tissue, which is known as the dentin.  The pulp, which is located in the center of the tooth, holds the nerve and blood vessels.  The jawbone and other ligaments and tissues hold your teeth in place.  When both your teeth and gums are healthy, they are securely connected to the jawbone which allows you to eat and speak on a normal basis.