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What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-Rays are one of the latest technological advancements for Dental Professionals.  This great innovation substantionally reduces the exposure of radiation produced to our patients.  They also show us a rapid image on our computer screens.  This amazing technological advancement helps us better serve you.
How do the digital x-rays benefit me?
- They are safer.  They reduce the radiation up to more than 50% that was released with traditional film based x-rays.
- They are faster.  They produce images that can be immediately viewed by you & the dentist.  They can even be enlarged or enhanced for better viewing.
- They provide even better information for the dentist.  With the new digital software, the dentist is able to find problem areas even earlier and can attend to the problem even quicker.
- They are easier.  With images being stored on the computer, we can easily send images and information to referring doctors as well as more detailed information to insurances.
- They are more comfortable.  The sensor used to capture the x-ray in our office has rounded edges, rather than the cardboard standard pointed edges.