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Smile Gallery

We would like to show you how much of a difference General, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can have on your smile!

A little bonding helped restore this chipped tooth back to a beautiful smile.

A regular check-up & cleaning visit helped get rid of this staining and build up.

An implant crown replaced this missing tooth, who would ever know?

An In-Office Whitening session helped get these teeth back to a vibrant shade of white.

Veneers helped this patient achieve a new beautiful smile.

This patient had an old filling that was beginning to show signs of decay.  A crown was placed, making it look better than before.

A bridge was placed to restore the natural smile of this patient.

The patient above received laser treatment for their gums.  As you can see they were inflamed and swollen before.  Days after, both the inflammation and swelling went down.